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HRCAV Members Special Offer

At LongdenCorp our philosophy is to show riders that whatever standard they are, and wherever they live in the world, they can improve their riding and build up a feeling of well-being, confidence and enjoyment.

Mary’s Philosophy is that “Everyone who wants to ride well can”. As she says, “I believe that every horse and rider combination is unique. This means that riding is never boring and is always a personal challenge. It is a journey with your horse that you both want to enjoy. Together you grow. It does not matter what standard a rider you are. When everything is correct you have the feeling of being a part of your horse. It is a beautiful feeling. It is riding ‘with’ your horse rather than ‘on’ your horse.”

HRCAV plays a pivotal role in promoting interest in equestrian sports, promoting good fellowship amongst those interested in equestrian sports and supporting the education, training, coaching and encouragement of all of the Members of its Association.

Here at LongdenCorp we would like to actively support those efforts and that’s why when HRCAV members register for the HRCAV Special Offer and purchase one of Mary’s ‘Ride Towards Excellence’ DVDs we are going to donate $10 from the sale of every ‘Ride Towards Excellence’ Boxed Set and $3 from the sale of every ‘Ride Towards Excellence’ Individual DVD to the Members HRCAV Affiliated Riding Club.

And to add a bit of encouragement for interested HRCAV members we are waiving all Shipping and Handling Charges for purchases made under the Special Offer as well.

Of course that is only the icing on the cake. The real value is in Mary’s ‘Ride Towards Excellence” DVDs themselves and we encourage you to have a look at the individual DVD Chapter excerpts featured in the eStore.

To Register for the HRCAV Special Offer simply fill in the form you will find when you click on the link below.

And look out for some exciting new product releases that we will be highlighting as Major Sponsors of the upcoming TTT Showjumping 2010 .

HRCAV Terms and Conditions
HRCAV Terms and Conditions